Mid-Summer thoughts.

Jared and I are very lucky to have a family vacation home to get away to.  Its just enough out in the boonies to get that isolation, but just close enough to civilization to not go crazy.

We have gone a few times this year alone, to song write, relax, sleep, and to actually get loads of work done (weird, right?).

With this summer, being rather busy, it’s sad to think that July has come and gone, and August is upon us. Sad, because I want the summer to stay for longer then I know it will, and well, darn-it, I just want more summer time!

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for things to come, especially another year’s exciting adventures.  We are currently working on our second album - which has a different sound then our first.  We like to look at it as maturing our pallet, growing in our sound.  Hoping we never get stuck, but all the while shaping our signature. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support, and incredibly thankful to have such amazing people in our lives.  We just want to go full throttle, give it our all, and because of our determination and efforts - we know we will not be disappointed - no matter the outcome.

A lot of people have asked us how we live with being bandmates, business partners, and then just being married to each other*.  We see each other, a lot. And to some, that would be overkill. But we know of other friends that couldn’t be happier spending all their time together.  Yes, touring across the country, driving 15+ hours a day in a tin box, with only having each other to talk to, may at times be a little claustrophobic.  But for the most part, our personalities, our honesty, and most of all, our humility to put the other first is what makes our life so great.  Marriage is hard when you constantly fight to bring yourself on top.

Being married and in a band, is really a great thing.  You should try it. You don’t have to call around to your other band members, to discuss a time for a meeting, to then discuss what some new things you want to incorporate for the band, with the hopes that they like it, but you are too afraid to mention something for fear of starting a fight, which would then break the band up and then its not fun for anyone.  Not that, that would happen (what do I know, this is my first band). But it could. 

And, hey, I get it.  When you do anything together, be it a band, business, hobby, relationship, etc. it can be said that you are ‘married’ to it.  But legally and *ahem* spiritually *cough, cough* is the kind of ‘end-all, be-all’ commitment I am referring to (We would never have $40 grand to spend on divorce, anyway). We are in it to win it. Right babe? Uh,…babe?

With us, we can’t break up, because we are married - and giving up isn’t our thing (unless it has to do with running). But we can speak openly, because we are married. And we can challenge each other because we are married. Being married helps us push each other to be the best because we are in this together, and we only want the best for each other and from each other. Not a great argument, and grammatically very weak, but maybe you kinda get me? I guess what I am trying to say, is that both Jared and I want the same goal. We talk about it all the time, because we are together all the time, and it makes it easier to push, grow and fight for our dreams, together. Luck?

And this same mentality can be applied to life.  We can’t give up whenever something falls through. We can’t break up and/or ‘unfriend’ whenever we disagree with someone. We can’t give up the truth, when the world starts believing a lie. We can’t succumb to the valley’s and storms of life (too cliche´?). We will grow thicker skin, we will strengthen our character, we will learn and be wise from our past mistakes. We will (insert inspirational/fight to the death monologue).

So, I guess I am ok with July being over.  I guess I am ok with time flying by so fast I can’t even remember what I had for supper last night. And I am ready to bring on whatever is ahead of me.  

Well, right now, its another family vaca to the lake.  So, its easy for me to accept the challenge of relaxing for a week…

Happy mid-summer!


The Royal Foundry

*Thoughts subject to our own relationship and thoughts, not to be taken on to anyone else’s lives and/or relationships.