A New January

Welcome to the new year of 2016.  
Although to me, January always seemed like the middle of the year, thanks to the many school years behind me.  But, I am now starting to look at them like the beginning, rather the middle, which is changing the way I view my ‘year’.

The Royal Foundry had a great last year. We learnt a lot, and grew a lot along with that gained knowledge.  So, now as we start this new year, we are hoping to learn more, and grow more.

What better way to do that, by starting a fresh new year with brand spanking new music.  We are so excited to be songwriting this month.  Something that we have been itching to do for a long time, but was always pushed aside for other more pressing engagements.  Its funny how music - which defines a bands reason of opportunities is the one thing that get demoted first, when said opportunities arrive.  But alas, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, or at least, that’s what ‘they’ say.

We are lucky to be able to get away from absolutely everything to solely focus on our music, in a place that practically forces encouragement and inspiration. And because of that, we have been swimming in new ideas, thoughts, rhythms and rhymes. We are also enjoying our songwriting process together.  Being more comfortable sharing in areas where we might otherwise not feel as comfortable sharing - which is challenging in itself, but incredibly satisfying and fortuitous. We are excited.  And we want you to share in our excitement.  So we will be sharing a lot of our journey, including short clips of new songs, along the way.  

Here is our open invitation.  Feel free to pop by every once in a while, or netflix-binge-watch all in one go, in a month from now.  We hope you like it.  We hope you enjoy yourself and maybe even be inspired by something to jolt you in your own life.  We think you are awesome.

‘And from her hand she gave her gift a single tear of happiness. Her life stored up, a capsule of time started slowly dying for thine Own life, now reflected in the mirror of hers has become neglected. A tragedy? A romance? A comedy? No. Unlike any of these or all, its yours to recall.’